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Cannabis should be legalised - parent

CANNABIS plants should be legalised, dose regulated, taxed and have re-education and special amounts at point of sale, says a concerned parent who spoke out this week. 

Parent Frederick Abed said the use of the cannabis has escalated in the country over the years, especially among unemployed youths. 

He said and many young people who overuse it are addicted and are badly affected. Many became more dependent and lazy. 

“But if the government legalises it, it will mean that people will grow it like Kava and sell it for money,” he said. 

“Youth unemployment has been a very big issue in the country. If marijuana is legalised, these kids who have nothing to do, they can grow it, sell and make money for their living.” 

He said that the plant should be legalised, dose regulated, taxed and have education re-examination and dosage advice at the point of sale..

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